Sunday, April 02, 2006


neo-dogma-non is a global movement.
It gathers artists from different artistic branches and from many corners of the world making no discrimination on grounds of nationality, colour, social status or artistic belief.
ndn is about the Human Experience.
This isn't a new theme although, because it's being looked at from a different perspective, it is, in that sense new. Support for it does not impose any duties or efforts apart from the ones one is prepared to carry out for it. The only imperative for "membership" its the commitment of One's belief in the justification of the creation of the movement. Everyone is equally responsible for its development and maintenance. Any material gains providing from the movement's activities will be automatically reinserted in the furthering of the movement in the most suitable way at the time given. The movement's development, its activities and timings are to be the fruit of co-operation, co-ordination and communication amongst all 'members'. Communication between its members is an imperative as much as possible in order to maintain its consistency and credibility across time and space. By supporting the movement, artists don't loose in any way their autonomy and/or individuality.The artist’s participation in any of the movements activities are an expression of the artist's acceptance and recognition of the movement and acknowledgement of one's Human Condition.
This movement is declaring that Man is not at the centre of the Universe but is PART of it. It marks the passage from the anthropocentric view adapted since the 16th Century, to a view reflecting our rediscovery of Humankind's place in the Universe.The movement must acknowledge an influence from Buddhism, Anthroposophy, I-Chi, Theosophy, Zen, Neuroscience, Anthropology to name only but a few.
The movement intends to raise awareness for Human Awareness & to bring the different Sciences together in order to maximize Humanity’s potential & manifest a sustainable existence.
neo-dogma-non is a lifestyle, a "new" way of thinking, living and being in the 21st Century (considering time is relative and subjective).
It is our intention to bring the importance of Human Existence back to the forefront of creation.


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